Caterpillar Willow EP

by Forest Porridge

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All music recorded and mixed by Forest Porridge.
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released December 5, 2015

Thanks to,
Jared Clements for playing accordion on In The Morning
Dan Costello for playing drums on In The Morning
Dan Dywer for playing trumpet on Chronophobia and I Will Return For You
Zac Totta for his wisdom and support
Mark Parfitt for mastering this EP



all rights reserved


Forest Porridge Denver, Colorado

Forest Porridge combines intricate finger picking with soulful honest vocal accompaniment to convey emotional feelings and stories to listeners; equipped with a number of different pedal and tone effects the sounds created can be expansive but at the same time be very intimate and honest with listeners. ... more

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Track Name: In The Morning
In The Morning

In the morning will We still be the same when I wake?
Or is all, of this a momentary thing that we must take.

In the morning will We still feel the same?
Or will all of my efforts die in vain.

In the morning will this spark still live in your eyes?
Or will it disappear with the morning dew and the sunrise.

I wake and your gone,
You don't know my name but you might know this song.
Cuz I sang to you all night long,
Yeah I sang to you up till dawn.

I wake and your gone,
maybe you were never here at all.
Track Name: Chronophobia

Let her fall through your arms,
down to the floor below.

Arms outstretched but you,
have to let her go.

Silently you plead for her to stay,
you say don't leave.

But you know time heals all.
The things that you feel, these things that are real.

Are you afraid of the future?
What it can do to ya.

Are you scared of growing up?
To find you're not good enough.

Like me,

So love me now while we're still young,
and can feel it all.
Track Name: I Will Return For You
I Will Return For You

I am leaving soon say goodbye beneath a dim moon.
Just like the one that I hung in my room.
You are the one that I used to swoon.

I'll build a wall strong and tall.
Around my heart, around my heart.

We are going separate ways,
still so much I have to say to you.
But I can't feel your heart beat no,
I can't even see you.

I'll build a wall strong enough to hold it all out.
Few will see it fall, around my heart.

Once we grow up I will return for your love.
Once we grow up I will return for you.

For you.
Track Name: Caterpillar Willow
Caterpillar Willow

Underneath the caterpillar willow, we watch them spin themselves in string.

In the spring time, they will emerge to find they've become something more beautiful.

You say to me, we should do the same. You wrap your arms around my frame.

We roll beneath the willow tree entangling our bodies.

One last embrace, we lay in the shade, we both start to change.

Through these cocoons, I am loving you.

One day we will awake finding our wings complete.

We'll leave the caterpillar willow on the ground so far below.

Next spring I'll meet you at the willow tree, it's branches drooping all around our bodies.

All around our bodies.....